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Jual Kett FD-720 IR Moisture Determination Balance

Darmatek Moisture Meter

Description Kett FD-720:

FD-720 is the most advanced new Moisture Balance. Equipped with high accuracy analytical balance and new designed long life (20,000 to 30,000 hours) Mid-wave Infrared quartz heater and 6 different measurement modes.

Measurement Method
Heat drying and weight loss
Sample mass
Measurement subject
Moisture / Solid content / Weight
Reproducibility (Standard deviation)
Sample with a weight of 5g or higher : 0.05%
Sample with a weight of 10g or higher : 0.02%
Measurement range
0~100%(wet base , solids),0~500%(dry base)
0.01% , 1mg
Temperature range
Measurement modes

Automatic operation mode:Timed operation mode (1~240min or continuous):High-speed drying mode:Low-speed drying mode:Stepped drying mode (max of 5 steps):Predictive measuring mode
External output
RS-232C interface


Sample dish 2 pcs , Sample dish handler 2 pcs , Wind shield , Sample dish tray , Spoon and spatula set , Spare fuses(T8A 250V) 2 pcs , Power cord , Aluminum sheets(20 pcs)x2 , Operating manual

Untuk Info dan Pemesanan Hubungi :
Contact : Subarkah
Telpon  : 021-71031268
H P        : 081283804273/085774067221
WA        : 0819 3263 2003
Email    : subarkah18@yahoo.co.id
Gmail    : darmatek1@gmail.com
Pin BB   : D2A771BD
Web      : http://www.darmatek.net
Link       : http://darmatek.indonetwork.co.id

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Jual Kett FD-720 IR Moisture Determination Balance
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